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Brief History

PAT NEVE wasn’t born into a family of purebred athletes. His adolescent years were molded by a deep desire to become something greater. Pat was blessed with a natural ability to motivate himself, as well as others, and would eventually discover over the years that his greatest strength was his relentless will to overcome adversity.

Pat was inspired by many, but the ones that left the greatest impressions on him were Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He saw these men as gladiators — champions that changed the game in one way or another. He didn’t know how or when, but Pat knew that he would one day leave his mark in the bodybuilding world.

One thing’s for certain, Pat’s story didn’t end with bodybuilding. He loves life, family, and God, and while his professional bodybuilding crusade is behind him, his legacy is not over. In fact, … it’s just begun.

The Stats

  • Born : 1947, Manhattan, NY
  • Height : 5’7″
  • Competition Weight : 181
  • Off-Season Weight : 200
  • Max Bench Press : 468.5
  • Max Incline Press : 440
  • Max Squat : 620
  • Max Deadlift : 640


1967 A.A.U. Mr. Phoenix

1969 A.A.U. Mr. Arizona

71′-73′ Arizona State Powerlifting Champion

1971 A.A.U. Mr. Western U.S.A.

1972 A.A.U. Mr. Western America

1972 A.A.U. Jr. U.S.A.

1973 World Record Bench Press

1973 A.A.U. Mr. Eastern America

1974 A.A.U. Mr. U.S.A.

1974 A.A.U. Mr. Southwestern America

75’/76′ A.A.U. Mr. America (short class)

78′ Runner-up WBBG Pro Mr. America (short)

79′ Runner-up WBBG Pro Mr. World (short)

80′ Runner-up IFBB Pro Mr. International (short)

80′ Runner-up WBBG Pro Mr. Universe (short)

1980 Runner-up WBBG Pro Mr. America (short)

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

Michael Jordan